The Holiday Season

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Doesn’t it seem like from Thanksgiving to the end of the year, life moves at a very hectic pace?  Thanksgiving seems to sneak up on us, then all of the sudden we’re in the whirlwind of the holidays.  This year, that whirlwind included an open house that we threw for 60 guests, and includes our son’s (and his girlfriend’s) college graduation.  Literally, there’s something going on every weekend until the new year.  Plus, both my hubby and I have had pretty rotten colds.  Nothing like sinus pressure to throw you completely off your groove!

But we keep plugging away.  I’m trying to enjoy everything about Christmas and not stress over the details.  Our open house was hectic, crazy, crowded and fun! We are so blessed to have been in the DFW area for only three years and have all of these wonderful people share an afternoon and evening with us.  God is good.

I’m slowly learning that it’s okay to reach out to people even when things aren’t going well.  I always try to be so positive and don’t want to burden folks with my problems or hurts or discouragement.  Yet this blog alone has proven to me that people want to help, to lend an ear, or even just a shoulder.  But I’ve also learned you need to be there in return.  Isn’t that what friendship is all about?  Heck, isn’t that what human kindness is all about?

So, don’t stress this year. Let’s keep showing that human kindness.  Enjoy every moment of the craziness, family, food, and friends! As Seals and Crofts once said: We may never pass this way again.

God’s blessings for a wonderful Christmas and very happy new year! 

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  1. Cynthia Ruchti

    Such a great post and reminder, Rebecca. Your friendship means the world to me.


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