Like many people, I anticipated a fresh start for 2024. While I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions, I was looking to create new habits, and thinking about goals I wanted to accomplish this year.

Unfortunately, here I sit on the 23rd day of the new year, and not much has changed – no new habits, as of yet, and I’ve barely begun to work at my goals. Not the rip-roaring, fired-up start I hoped for.

Okay – before you stop reading, this isn’t the typical pep-talk blog that says, “Don’t give up, keep trying.” It is, however, more about what direction I’m going to go in now and having a positive attitude in this journey.

Instead of thinking of these massive goals or new habits, I’m going to think small. This may be quite contrary to living life large or succeeding and changing the world with your success.

I’m a believer in treasuring the small moments in life. I remember my first date with my husband when we were both 17 years old. We were at the movies, and he reached over to hold my hand. And oh boy, did I have a flutter in my stomach at his touch! All these years later, I still love to hold his hand.

There’s something special about walking with my granddaughters and holding their hands as we go. It’s a level of trust for them, and of sweet comfort for me. Of course, the unconditional love between grandchild and grandparent is shown through this small act. It’s the little things I do for my granddaughters that will have a great effect on their lives.

Speaking of touch, I remember after a motorcycle accident right before my 20th birthday, I had to be rushed into surgery for the first of four operations on my leg. They couldn’t put me completely under, so I was awake while the surgeon worked. I guess reality was setting in about the accident and I started to shake. The anesthesiologist simply laid his hands on either side of my head – very gently. That simple gesture calmed me. And got me through.

Little gestures can have a big impact. Small moments can provide the sweetest memories. That’s what I want to focus on going forward into 2024.

I’m going to start small. And hope for big results.

How about you? Are you ready for the small things?  

Let’s encourage one another.

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