Grace and Peace

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How often do we think about the words “grace” and “peace?” The apostle Paul opened the many letters he penned in Scripture with the greeting of “grace and peace.” If you think about it, the words are always in that order: grace first, then peace. Interesting to think about.

A commentary I read said that in order to experience God’s peace, we need to accept His grace. I had never really thought about that, but it makes sense. How often do we beat ourselves up over past failures or mistakes, therefore, not accepting the grace and forgiveness of God? If we don’t accept forgiveness, then we won’t experiencing the peace that only comes from God through grace. Paul knew what he was saying when he wrote his greeting.

As we draw closer to the end of January and head into the second month of this new year, with all of its unknowns, make sure to give yourself grace. Ask God for forgiveness of anything weighing you down, then step boldly into today. The peace of God is like no other. Embrace it. Embrace the love of Christ and find His peace.

Have a great day, walking in His love – with grace and peace.

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