Keeping Focus… Not really…

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Well, after my blog post last week and slowing down and keeping things simple, it turns out I’m not doing a very good job in following my own advice.

I’m stressing today with a very long list of things to accomplish before Christmas.  Then it struck me…what would happen if I got sick or for some other reason couldn’t complete the items on my list. Would the world go into a tailspin because I didn’t finish things?  Would my friends disown me for not sending them a Christmas card this year?

I don’t think so. Once I had that in my head  and realized the earth wouldn’t fall of its axis if I didn’t complete my list, I actually relaxed, and just took the list one item at a time.  I even prioritized things a bit better.

Do I still have a busy week in front of me?  Absolutely! But I’m thankful I’m not sick or that anything else is hindering me from doing all I want to do for this holiday season.

It’s time to take JOY with the holiday season. Keep focused on those simple things, on what’s most important, and remember the reason for the season!

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