No Offense Intended

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I’m a little behind in posting today. I’ve been thinking about so much the last few days… I guess birthdays have a way of doing that.

In planning my birthday, the topic of RSVPs came up.  In this day, a lot of folks don’t take the time to let you know whether or not they will attend your gathering.  I don’t know why that happens.  It really is okay to tell me “No,” that you can’t make it.  Trust me, I won’t be offended.

RSVP is just a courtesy so we know how many people to plan for and how much food to buy.  (Incredibly, not matter how hard we try, we always buy too much food! 🙂

Anyway, back to the RSVP discussion.  Some were a little offended and unhappy with the lack of RSVPs.

But I choose not to be offended. I didn’t take it personally.  Those who didn’t attend my birthday party weren’t out to offend me. 

People are too ready these days to be offended.  To twist any wording as a personal offense.

When did we stop taking people at their word?  When did we stop trusting others?  I guess the bigger question is “When did everything become all about me?” 

Are we so self-focused that we’re ready to take offense, ready to have our feelings hurt, ready to create drama when there really is none because we think it’s all about us?

That takes so much energy!  Why not take people at their word, trust that they are your friends and care about you… even when they don’t do things the way you’d want them to do it.  Even when they fail to RSVP, or fail to call you once a week, or fail to do whatever you think they should be doing.

My attitude is to stay positive, to trust, and to feel confident that my friends care about me. And realize they don’t have to tell me every five seconds in order for me to believe that.

Choosing to be positive takes a lot less energy, a lot less time, and generally makes you feel happier in your day to day life.

I hope that doesn’t offend you.

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  1. Mindy Obenhaus

    That's why we all like you so much-you always look at things from the positive. Not to mention straighten around those of us who don't:)

  2. Denise

    So true! I think that most people don't have the energy to be decietful on purpose. (some of us can't even spell the word) LOL. Having a forgiving heart is not for the other person as much as it is for ourselves. We will be healthier for it.


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