I need some help and advice, friends.  I’m pondering a question or two these days.  I want to know what drives you?  Or to put it another way, how do you know what your passion is?

And has your passion changed?  What if you strived for something for years, and then found yourself wondering if that’s really what you’re supposed to do?

I guess I’m directing this more to those of you in the arts: writing, music, dancing, acting, etc.  But it could be applicable to any vocation.

It’s always challenging to go for your dreams.  It’s a lot of hard work.  But when do you know when it’s time to try something else?  Are you afraid of giving up too soon?  Or do you know when to face the realization that maybe you’re supposed to be doing something else with your life?

For example, if you’re an actor  — you have a passion for acting.  But how long do you go along doing Shakespeare before you discover that you’re a better comedic actor?  Or that you might be a better director or writer than actor?

I know we should pray about it.  I know we will just have a gut feeling.  But sometimes that gut feeling isn’t as specific as we’d like.  Or God hasn’t provided that neon billboard that says “Go this direction” instead.

So, I’m full of questions today. How do you know if you’ve found your passion?  What drives you to work so hard?  Even on the tough days or the discouraging days, are you anxious to get back to work to follow your dreams?  How do you know?

Questions, questions, questions!  Is this what happens after you turn 50 years old?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, advice or comments.

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  1. Ashley Clark

    For me, what drives me are the dreams I know God has put in my heart, and the stories I know He is stirring in me. I just wouldn't have come this far, and come up with these sorts of stories, if He hadn't been at the helm, providing for me each step of the way. So that drives me is a daily decision to be disciplined in doing the “work” part of seeing those dreams become a reality. Some days I find myself getting a late start or spending way too much time watching “Say Yes to the Dress,” but even in those moments of frustration, somewhere deep down, I know I'd be lost without writing. It's become an important part of who I am. My pastor always says when you don't see a clear set of steps for your future, what you ought to focus on doing is the next right thing. For me, the next right thing is another chapter, another ten pages. And then one day (hopefully sooner rather than later!), all those “next right things” come together as a huge step.

  2. Rebecca L. Vincent

    Thank you for your thoughtful response, Ashley. So, you feel a gnawing in your gut (so to speak) that even when you're distracted with other things, you feel like you're supposed to be writing? Do you still feel that pull when you're frustrated?
    I look forward to reading your books one day SOON!!

  3. Amy Pinney

    I'm a friend of Ashley's that found your question on her facebook page 🙂 I am a photographer, one who ran a business for two years and last December, decided to close that chapter. Don't get me wrong, photography is absolutely a passion for me. I was, however, definitely feeling the drag, feeling like I couldn't keep functioning like that. It didn't feel right. All of the business aspects were quite literally killing my love for photography, especially portraits. I struggled for so long, though, with the idea of walking away, because….well I mean, that was what I loved to do! I finally realized though, that perhaps I was just going about it all wrong. I should be taking pictures, I should be giving that to others…but getting paid for it didn't have to define that. I could, and now do, take pictures because it fulfills a longing that I constantly crave, it's not at all about money anymore. I have found that since I took that twist, I feel more liberated, more alive when I'm “working”, and I crave it even more now. Going long spells (like recently!) without it are a little….I'm not sure how to describe it, but I feel the pull drawing me back to those thoughts, “I need to photograph someone…” So for now, I am going after that, just doing it for the love of it and giving it as a gift to others. It has certainly been a more rewarding journey, I'm thankful God drew me to that path!

  4. Rebecca L. Vincent

    Hello, Amy. Nice to “meet” you. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I'm intrigued by your thoughts. It is an almost agonizing decision to step back from something you love to do. I can imagine your struggle. But I think you share wisdom in the fact that sometimes we need to step back from something we love. Gain perspective and see if we can find our passion again or perhaps find it in another way or in a different direction than we imagined.
    It all comes down to paying attention to what God wants us to do. Sometimes I struggle with hearing His voice and not my own voice or someone else's.
    Thank you again for stopping by!


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