Doctor Changes

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Well, I just found out that my cancer doctor is moving out of state.  Her office called the other day to re-schedule my July appointment to June so I could see her one more time before she moves.

While I’m happy for her that she’s moving closer to family and will no doubt have a great new opportunity to pursue, my first thought was very selfish:  NO — DON’T LEAVE ME!!

I don’t “hero-worship” my doctors, however, you do develop a bond with them as you go along this journey of cancer and recovery. My doctor did life-altering and physical-changing surgery on me.  Yes, surgery that saved my life, but changed me forever.  This doctor had to provide a balance of providing me hope and encouragement while remaining professional and clinical. This is something she did very well.

So, what’s next?  As far as my health, this final appointment with the doctor was the last of my “every 3-months” visits, and I was going to graduate to every 6-months.  So, I guess her leaving comes at a pretty good transition time.  I have an MRI scheduled for next week, so that will start the new doctor off with fresh images and information for me.

I’m sure my current doctor will recommend a new doctor for me. But I think I still need to be vigilant and do some research on my own for other doctors in the area, while throwing her recommendation into the mix as well.

I had a rare and unusual cancer, so I’d like a doctor who’s at least had some experience with that. And a doctor who is open to new research and new treatments. Not one completely stuck in his/her ways…not willing to look at anything else as far as treatment goes. 

Right now, as heartbroken…and admittedly…a bit scared as I am, I’m praying that this is a new opportunity for both my doctor, and for me with a new physician.  I have to trust that God has a plan for a new doctor and that I’ll be placed with the right one.  Overall, I just hope I stay healthy and that eventually, the only doctor I’ll need is my family physician! 🙂

So, for now, I salute Dr. S, and wish her nothing but the best (even though my insides are still screaming not to leave me!), and I look forward to whatever a new doctor can contribute to my ongoing good health and recovery.

Onward we go….

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