by Rebecca Yauger - I feel like a fraud post

I feel like a fraud.

Have you ever had those days where not much goes right, or you receive startling news, or well, you’re just having a bad day?

It’s during those times that we’re supposed to have faith, trust God, face things with a smile on your face, right? Yeah, well…(insert eye roll here).  I’m failing miserably at facing things with a smile.

I’ve had a tough couple of days and I’ve let out my frustration with anger and fear. Not being prayerful, not even calming down enough to take a breath and get a handle on the situation.

That’s not like me. As my husband and kids will tell you, I’m not one to yell. I don’t like arguments. If I’m upset about something, it’s best to leave me alone for a few minutes, until I can settle down and we can talk things through calmly. I don’t like harsh words spoken that we can’t retract.

As someone who has been writing about having hope and staying positive, well, I’ve done neither of those this past week. That makes me feel like a hypocrite and a fraud.

But I’m not. I’ve had a few bad days. I was thrown a curve ball and didn’t handle it well, but that doesn’t have to blow everything for me. It doesn’t mean God isn’t still working. And it doesn’t mean that I will continue to have bad days. It does mean, however, that I need to take a breath, calm myself, and dive right back into my faith, into Scripture and try to right myself.

We are living in uncertain times and I don’t know what the days or months ahead are going to look like. I have moments of trepidation for what the future holds for me. However, I don’t have to spiral down into a pit of despair, anger and frustration. I’m a flawed human being, and have emotions that get the best of me sometimes. But I’m not a fraud. I’m just human. And I can right the ship, take a breath and start all over again.

How about you? Do you have times where you don’t handle things well? How do you get back on track? I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Barbara Arnold

    Hey Cuz, you are definitely not a fraud…you are one of the most positive, sweet, loving persons I know.  Glad to know you are human like me and have bad days where we allow anger and frustration to get the best of us. But at least with our faith and Our Lord, we know how to get back on the right path and know that HE walks right beside us always. Love you!  Have an awesome weekend. Cuz Barb♥️♥️🙏🇺🇸Sent from Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

    • Rebecca Yauger

      Hey Barb – First, thanks for reading my blog! I appreciate that. And second, thank you for your very kind words. We are human and have up and down days. Where would we be without our faith?! — I think of you so often these days, and hope you are well. Love you, too. -Becky

  2. Jessica Brodie

    Hang in there!!! I’ve had those days, too. We all do. You are right — just take a breath and hop back in.

  3. Melinda Viergever Inman

    We all have moments like these, and we all feel like frauds when we realize we’ve overreacted, said things we shouldn’t say, or even felt things we shouldn’t feel. The Lord is gracious, and he is kind. He forgives and upholds. He knows that we but dust and that we will make mistakes, even though we’re believers. God bless you as you get back on your feet!


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