In talking about relationships, I guess I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss our “relationship” with other things, like food, alcohol, television, shopping or any other types of addictions. My church recently had a message about “idols” in our life. Idols that replace God as first in our lives, like money, material possessions and more.

We all struggle with something. There’s some addiction or idol that’s distracting our focus from where it ought to be, on God, and on His plan for our lives. In our efforts to seek comfort, we beat up on ourselves, and then the cycle begins again. Why do you think there are terms like “emotional eating” and “retail therapy?” We’re seeking comfort.

So, how do we get past these idols in our path? It’s very difficult. Very difficult. But you start one day at a time. Try to eat a little less, replace that bad habit with a good habit, live a cash-only life to curb your retail shopping habits, turn off the TV. And don’t forget the power of prayer.

Don’t forget the power of friendships. It’s so hard to open up about some of these issues in our lives. As you know from last Tuesday’s blog post, I have a hard time opening up and choose to remain private. But I know the times when someone opens up to me and shares, then there is a blessing in sharing together, in leaning on one another as we deal with our struggles.

So, while there are times when we are embarrassed, ashamed or angry with ourselves, we need to know we’re not alone. There are others struggling with the same addiction or battling the same idol…

Look around you… it could be a dear friend.

How can we open up and help each other? How can we minister to each other and feel less alone?

Any ideas?

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