Detours and Roadblocks

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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Didn’t mean to let so much time elapse between postings.  Hopefully, I’ll get better. 
Lately, I’ve experienced a lot of roadblocks in my plans, actually roadblocks for life in general. One particular issue, which I will share with you soon, has lead me down a completely different path.  In this case, the roadblocks were God-given, and detoured me to a much better place.  Yay!  So, not all roadblocks are bad.  Some detours are more scenic than others and worth the hassle of being there.
What is frustrating me is getting past the roadblocks. You’ve just jumped over one and now you’re merrily traveling down your new path, when another roadblock hits. This one is fairly minor, yet put together by all the recent detours, well, it just weighs you down. 
Now I start to wonder what God is trying to teach me.  Patience? Persistence? Perseverance?  Ahhh…..the three P’s.  Wait, four P’s — Prayer.  Maybe I’m not praying enough.  I don’t know.
With all of these roadblocks, how do you know when to quit or when to keep on going?  How much is too much?  That’s what confuses me. 
Right now, I’m hanging on to the notion that the recent roadblocks are good ones, and the detour is well worth it.  I’m just ready for a “steady as she goes” path for a while.  But that takes patience, persistence, perseverance and prayer. Sometimes we learn those lessons the hard way.

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