There are times when I get down on myself and I get in my own way of trying to accomplish what I need to accomplish.

How do I get in my own way? With negativity!

Take this past week, for example.  I have been an eating machine!  After losing 85 pounds recently, it seems like I’m trying to negate all of that by just how much I’ve been eating.

Truth be told, I should have lost more than that 85 pounds by now, but I’ve slacked off a bit with my exercising, and I’ve increased my eating.  That’s not a good combination.

So, I started beating up on myself.  I focused on everything I was doing wrong, instead of the things I was doing right.  Last week, I increased my workouts, partly because I knew I was over eating. I took the first step to turn the tide.exercise

Did I give myself credit for taking that step, and increasing my workouts?  No… I only focused on what I was doing wrong.

Finally, with a little bit of prayer, with the weight of  all the negativity bearing down on me, I woke up determined that “today is a new day.”  I can’t go back and change what I did yesterday… or not eat all the food I ate yesterday.  So, it was time to focus on what I could do right today!

So, being that it was trash day, I went into my pantry and my refrigerator and threw out the unhealthy snacks I had started buying again.  It was time to start fresh.

I had a good week with exercising, so I was going to give myself credit for that, and then have a good, better day with food.

It was time to get out of my own way.  And when I took those unhealthy snacks to the trash — I realized how empowered I felt.  Instead of surrounding myself with all of the negativity and beating up on myself for what I had done in the past, I took charge of today!  It was up to me to change what I was going to do… only for that day.

So, the lessons learned:

1. Every day is a new day.  A new opportunity to make better choices.

2. Stop the negativity and give yourself credit for the positive.  Get out of your own way.

3. If you screw up, learn the lesson and move on.  Tomorrow will be a new day and a new opportunity.

4. Pray! Every day!

It’s time to stop the negativity and take one small step toward the positive.

What about you?  What ways do you have to stay positive?  I’d love to hear how you stay motivated.

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  1. Renee Blare

    Positive thinking, special tricks, unique powers? No, I don’t do or have any of these. My story? I guess THAT is a little complicated, LOL. (and long.)
    I can relate to the struggle of losing weight. I used to weigh over 200 pounds. Now I weigh 145. I was told by my neurologist, “just control what you eat.” I struggled for years to lose weight and never shed a pound. After a move and a new doctor, I switched medication and the pounds began drop (as well as the blood pressure). Too bad the damage was already done.
    I’m forty-four years old. I have a seizure disorder (controlled), migraines, and need a knee replacement. I’ve had a frozen shoulder for two years. I don’t sleep well due to pain. I have major shoulder surgery in three weeks to ‘fix’ my shoulder (the second within two months).
    I could whine and cry about the injustice of it all. But I’m married to a man who has had thirty-six surgeries. Who’s deaf in one ear, prosthetic little bones in the other ear, and a brand new knee of his own. A man who is a walking miracle. Who has shown me the true meaning of the healing grace of God. Who’s not afraid to cry but, at the same time, will shout His Holy Name from the rooftops.
    So, when I feel down and depressed (and yes, I do at times), I remember that I’m not in this alone. God is with me. Prayer is my lifeline. Sometimes He has to remind me that He does things a lot better than I do and to get out of the way!
    My motto is to Live and Learn. Who better to teach me but the greatest Teacher of them all?

    • Rebecca Yauger

      Thanks for your comment. The words we all need to remember are “God is with me. Prayer is my lifeline.” Thank you for sharing! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. Susan

    Hi, congrats on trying to detach from the food idol!! 🙂 Wow, that’s so cool, that you lost 85 lbs!! Wowowowowwweeee. I am amazed and impressed and you have done something really special. If you learned a new way of eating, just trust God and keep eating the new way. There was a contestant named Danny on Biggest Loser a few years ago, and his slogan now is “Lose Your Quit”…no quitting. Revel in your success do not get caught up in fear. Enjoy being more fit and trim. You’ve earned it, with God’s help.

  3. Rebecca Yauger

    Hi Susan,
    I love that phrase: “Lose your Quit.” We should always trust that God has a plan, and keep striving to do His will.
    This week’s post is “Trust Without Borders.” That reminds me of “Lose your Quit.” Perhaps there’s a theme here! God is in control.
    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your comments. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


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