Getting Real about the Laundry

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Let’s get real about laundry.

Get real about laundry? What is she talking about?

Okay, I guess I’m talking about completion. My husband calls himself a “compulsive finisher.” He rarely quits a project before it’s complete. Sometimes he works odd hours to make sure something isn’t lingering or incomplete. That makes me a very blessed wife, as he usually takes care of repairs around the house or anything that needs to be done.

As for me, well, I wish I could say I also was a compulsive finisher. I’m a great starter, for sure. I’m one of those who has project after project started, especially craft projects. But I also have four or five novels I’ve started among other things.

I’m also really good at starting laundry. I don’t mind sorting laundry, starting it, even making sure it’s in the dryer. But folding clothes…well…that’s another story. Clothes can stay in the dryer for days before I remember to put them away. Sometimes, I’m doing the next round of laundry days later before I realize there’s another load in the dryer. Sigh… I really hate that, too.

When I do put the clothes away (or unload the dishwasher or FINALLY dust my bookshelves), it’s great. I feel like I truly accomplished something. So, why can’t I do it consistently? It’s a great sense of completion, so why only do it once in a while?

I’m not sure I have the answer. There are times when I really wish I was more of a type-A person, going full speed ahead. But the reality is, I’m not.

Laundry is only one of the areas where I all feel like I fail or I’m not as strong. I think we all feel that way. Let me tell you – you’re not alone. While I envy those lovely type-A people or compulsive finishers, I know I will never quite be that way. I can improve, for sure. But I shouldn’t beat myself up over the fact that I’m wired differently.

What about you? Is there an area where you feel like you fall short? Do you beat yourself up over it? What do you do to improve?

It’s a new year, so it’s a good time to try to do things a little better.

I’d love to hear from you. Meanwhile, I guess I better go and get the clothes out of the dryer. They’ve only been there for three days now. 😊

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