Decision – Determination – Discipline:
I had a college professor give those words as he was talking about what was needed to pass his class. We had made the decision to take his class. Now we needed to have determination, as well as the discipline to do the readings and the homework to do well.

I think this is also true for the writing life. I’ve made this decision, better yet, God has thrust this decision upon me, to write for Him. I am determined to write and to finish my manuscripts. Now that I’ve made the decision and have the determination, I am dealing with the discipline issues.

Like most writers, I have set a schedule for my writing. I have a daily/weekly writing goal, and I treat my writing as my job. Since I also have other work (thankfully, I can work from home), I pick two days a week where I take care of my regular paying jobs.

The key now is to stick with this schedule, create a habit, and make this work.
Besides the 3 D’s — I need to add one more thing: PRAYER. As I sit down to start my work day, I am trying to be diligent about saying a prayer over my work day to help me avoid distractions and laziness, and to stay focused. Whether or not I succeed, well, it is up to me. God has given me gifts to use for his purpose, and why I realize that nothing I can do can thwart God’s plans, I certainly can derail myself. By praying and bringing God into my daily work world, I am hoping to avoid the terrible D’s of: distraction, doubt, and discouragement, and continue with the positive D’s of: Diligence, Determination and Discipline.

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  1. Cynthia

    Glad to find other Christian writers out there. Just moved from Little Elm TX to Aptos, California. God is good, and following Him is a great adventure!


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