I’m obsessed. I have an addiction that I will never shake. This mighty force has swept through my life and I’ll never be the same again.

My obsession: my granddaughter. If you follow me on social media, then you’ve probably seen a post, or a picture or two or three or a dozen, of this precious girl.

The object of my obsession

What has happened to me? At a recent large gathering, with lots of extended family and friends, my only thought was of my granddaughter. One part of me wanted to be her protector, as there were a lot of people around that she didn’t know, but who all wanted to see her. I knew that might overwhelm her at some point, so I wanted to be another familiar face she saw besides Mommy, Daddy and Grampa.

On the flip side, I wanted to show her off to every single person in the room, because she is the most beautiful, fun, happy grandkid ever! What a split personality I have!

This obsession is powerful. While holding her, I could barely carry on an adult conversation. When I wasn’t holding her, I was constantly watching for her to make sure she was okay. Yeah, like her Mom and Dad aren’t the awesome parents they are and couldn’t handle this. Sigh…. See – I’m a total mess!

I don’t even know myself when I’m around her. However, I will try to be more normal as I go along, but no promises. Meanwhile, I can only apologize to my granddaughter’s parents, my husband and anyone else for my odd behavior when I’m around her. I can’t help it, and I don’t want it to end.

Truth be told, I’m having the time of my life. This is one obsession I don’t want to get over!

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  1. anemulligan

    How I wish mine were close!! I have a brand new baby great-granddaughter. Alas, she’s in Texas. Maybe I should send you over, Becky. 🙂

    • Rebecca Yauger

      Be happy to give your great-granddaughter some love and snuggles, Ane!

  2. Jean Coufal

    The obsession will only get worse and doesn’t improve with age or number of grandchildren and great grandchildren. To make it clear, Becky is right. Her grandchild is fabulous. Much more in person than in pictures.

    • Rebecca Yauger

      She has a little bit of your love of life and fun in her, Jean! I can’t imagine my heart growing any more should we have more grandchildren. But you and David assure me that there’s room to love and be obsessed with all of your grandchildren and great-grands!

  3. southernroseranch

    Becky, I can so relate! Everyone told me it will be this way but I had no idea! I enjoy your posts and love the sharing of the cute posts! ❤️


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