What if today was the last “normal” day of your life?  What if everything changed tomorrow?

It happened earlier this year with the devastating tornadoes in Moore and Shawnee, Oklahoma.

It could happen to me when it’s time for my annual cancer screening (MRI, Mammogram, Sonogram day).  What if I don’t get the “all clear” words that I’m praying for?  What if there’s a recurrence?  

Any recurrence would be scarier than the one before. Because cancer comes back.  It really needs to just leave me alone!

Back to today — how am I going to spend today?

It really is true that time, friends, family are all so precious. Even after having cancer twice, I still take so much for granted, although I try to hang on the special moments.

It’s too easy to get back into the groove and grind of daily life. 
But we all need to take a moment and ask, “what if this is the last normal day?  What if everything changes tomorrow?”

What will you do with today?

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    Thank you for dropping by. Have a wonderful and blessed day!


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